Emergency Care


An emergency phone is available 24/7.

Your call is answered by a veterinarian who will listen and then inform you about the degree of urgency and the need for veterinary care. The veterinarian will guide you on initial care you can provide while waiting for the veterinarian to arrive at your home.

The arrival response time of the veterinarian will be provided depending on the severity of the emergency with your animal.


A veterinarian on call will come to your home as soon as possible, depending on the severity of the emergency.

While waiting for the veterinarian:

  • Place the animal in a quiet place and calm the animal.
  • Follow the advice recommended by the veterinarian during your phone call.
  • If you don’t know the weight of your animal, weigh it with a scale.You may need to use a kitchen scale for small animals such as kittens or puppies.
  • Do not provide any treatment to your pet without the advice of a veterinarian.

Medical Exam

Your pet will be examined as soon as the veterinarian arrives.

Our team of veterinarians has advanced equipment and innovative treatments to provide your pet with the most appropriate care.

If additional examinations are necessary, we are equipped with blood analyzers which allow us to take the essential blood samples for an accurate diagnosis. Results are obtained in less than a minute.

Some procedures such as suturing wounds or emptying abscesses may require anesthesia. We use protocols adapted to home emergencies and have the necessary sterile surgical equipment.

Medical Report

A detailed medical report will be sent to you and to your existing veterinarian following our emergency care. The report will contain the instructions for initial care of your animal.

Your existing veterinarian will be informed before the opening of his or her office of the treatment implemented during our emergency care; as well as the results of additional examinations performed.

Possible Hospitalization

Some emergencies cannot be treated at home and may require, pending your agreement, the hospitalization of your animal after initial stabilization. These cases apply to less than 7% of emergencies.

Are you unable to transport your animal?

Vetos d’Urgence provides transportation for your animal to the nearest clinic.

Are you worried about the medical condition of your pet?

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