End of life

We understand that saying goodbye to your animal companion is difficult

Some animals may die naturally; whereas other animals’ last moments may require intervention. We understand that is often difficult for the owner to know when the time is right. Our veterinarian will guide and support you in this decision-making process.

Home euthanasia allows you to provide calm support to your animal during this time to lessen any suffering.

Your animal will pass away in a familiar environment, in serenity, with the dignity that we, as caretakers, owe him or her after so many years of loyalty.

We support you and stand by your side to help you make the best decision

On request, Vetos d’Urgence can also take care of your pet's body 24/7.

We work in partnership with a funeral center to provide cremation services for your animal.

You may attend its cremation or recover its ashes afterwards.